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Creating a Successful Remodeler Marketing Plan for 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Financial and Personal Goals with Digital Favor

June 22, 20235 min read

Creating a Successful Remodeler Marketing Plan for 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Financial and Personal Goals with Digital Favor


It’s an exciting time for remodelers in the home improvement industry. With 2022 in the rearview mirror, you have a chance to make this year one of your best ever. To do that, you need a plan — a remodeler marketing plan to be exact. Read on for a guide to creating a marketing plan that will help you meet and exceed your financial and personal goals in 2023.

The first step in creating a remodeler marketing plan is to establish long-term goals. Ask yourself these questions:

• How much profit do I want to make this year? • How many new clients do I want to add? • What kind of personal growth do I want to achieve? • What do I need to do differently than last year?

Answering these questions will help you establish your long-term goals for the year and ensure that your remodeler marketing plan will put you on the path toward success.

Once you’ve established your long-term goals, it’s time to compare your current revenue and profitability with what you “need” to meet those goals. It’s important to know where you currently stand so that when crafting your remodeler marketing plan, you can determine how many jobs and conversations are required to hit that desired profit target. To get a better handle on this information, look at your average job size over the past two years, and then back into the number of jobs and conversations required for success.

Next up in creating an effective remodeler marketing plan is identifying your best controllable lead sources and developing an action plan with specific tactics for boosting leads from each source. Take some time out of your day this week to brainstorm actions that could increase leads from each source over the next 12 months — no idea is wrong! This exercise should give you a clearer understanding of which lead sources should be prioritized in order to hit your profit targets.

After brainstorming actions for each lead source, create an action plan outlining when, how often, and how much money should go into each tactic over the course of the year. Make sure that all budgets reflect both short-term needs as well as long-term investments. Those long-term investments could pay off big time if they result in incremental gains in leads or customers over time.

Finally, consider seeking help from an expert if you need additional assistance in developing or executing your remodeler marketing plan. At Digital Favor, we specialize in helping Home Improvement & Remodeling companies get more leads for their business. We understand the complexities of home services marketing and have helped hundreds of businesses like yours achieve success by providing measurable results through our proven strategies and tactics centered around customer acquisition & retention growth hacking solutions such as digital content creation & SEO optimization, Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click Campaigns) & Email Marketing Automation campaigns etc... We back up our services by utilizing data driven metrics & analysis tools geared towards optimizing performance while reducing lead acquisition costs on a continuous basis all while focusing on delivering maximum ROI results so that our clients can scale their business exponentially while maintaining healthy margins supported by organic growth strategies vs cold calling/ door knocking activities common among competitors in similar industries who try but fail miserably at retaining customers due to lack of expertise & modern day digital media savviness critically needed now more than ever before given today's highly competitive market climate which makes it even more important for Remodeling contractors to stay connected with their existing customer base as well as find ways of targeting new potential prospects via online channels such as searching engine visibility optimization (SEO), Social Media networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc...) or even basic email campaigns automated using AI powered algorithms within software platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact which are two popular options within the industry used by thousands of successful home service businesses currently operating nationwide which only serves as testament of their effectiveness & user friendly user interfaces making them top choices among most experienced marketers even when compared against other costlier alternatives due to pricing structure being considered quite affordable & flexible enough allowing us the ability customize campaign parameters according customer's budget constraints while maximizing visibility resulting in higher conversion rates due sheer volume reach offered when properly targeted & implemented resulting in more bang for one's buck if done correctly...

Digital Favor has extensive experience helping Home Improvement & Remodeling Companies across the US set up winning digital strategies tailor made specifically for their own unique customer acquisition objectives related projects thus ensuring maximum exposure thus leading higher levels efficiency when compared against traditional methods not leveraging modern technologies due lacking knowledge or budget allocation restraints typical among small businesses operating within this sector thus making it increasingly difficult compete against larger corporate conglomerates running multi million dollar campaigns boosted by internet giants such as Google/Bing search engines allowing them monopolize entire markets further serving cementing unfair advantage over mom&pop operations struggling compete while trying survive predatory practices resulting unfair competitive landscapes severely limiting growth opportunities common among independents peers only serving highlight importance having well rounded online presence critical piece puzzle demanded nowadays due fact consumer behavior shifted towards digital mediums expecting nothing short immediate gratification thoroughly assisted technology solutions backed powerful analytics driving strategic decisions needing specialized expertise develop properly optimized solutions tailored insuring maximum efficiency allowing companies reach highest ROI possible while staying current trends continuously emerging related technologies still being developed rapidly across multiple industries.... That's why Digital Favor is here : we offer world class means necessary leverage fully integrated suite products allowed reach industry leading results whether comes developing content creation/SEO optimization campaigns using cutting edge automation tools available paired precise data driven metrics enabling track performance real time delivering custom funnel designs strategically crafted conversions maximizers guaranteed maximize returns without sacrificing quality working alongside divisions staff tirelessly work hard earn trust clients ensuring highest standards overall satisfaction levels are met exceeded every occasion ultimately yielding best outcomes possible! So don't wait any longer. Contact Digital Favor now(469) 813-7482 or visit us online @ let us pack your calendar with high end contracts!

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