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Marketing Strategies for Design-Build Remodelers: Get the Growth You Need

August 02, 20237 min read

Marketing Strategies for Design-Build Remodelers: Get the Growth You Need

Welcome, Remodelers & Design Builders! As a small business owner working in the construction industry, I understand that marketing can seem incredibly intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be. You might think that marketing is only for big businesses with deep pockets and a huge team, but the truth is that every size business can benefit from a solid marketing plan. And Digital Favor's here to help!

Today we’re talking about the essential components of a successful marketing plan for design-build remodelers and custom home builders. Before we jump into the details, let’s take a quick look at why your local business needs an effective marketing strategy.

Why Do Design-Build Remodelers & Custom Home Builders Need a Marketing Plan?

There are lots of reasons why your business needs an effective marketing plan: to generate leads, capture and retain customers, increase brand awareness, stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately grow your business. A robust strategy will help you identify where customers are coming from so you can focus your efforts in those areas and get more bang for your buck. It also helps you build relationships with potential customers long before they work with you—which makes them much more likely to choose you over other competitors down the line.

So now that we’ve established why it’s important to have a strategy in place, let’s take a look at what should be included in it. Read on to learn how to create a growth-focused marketing plan designed specifically for design-build remodelers and custom home builders!

What Should Be Included in Your Marketing Plan?

Put simply: The key pieces of any strong marketing plan for design-build remodelers and custom home builders include having a lead capturing website, utilizing video marketing, increasing social media presence, creating content strategies, setting a budget, and more. Let’s explore each one individually now:

1) Lead Capturing Website

Your website is like your digital storefront; it’s the first point of contact for potential customers looking for custom home building or remodeling services. That means it needs to be welcoming, informative, easy to navigate—and most importantly—it should capture leads so you can continue building relationships with prospective clients long after they visit your site. To do this effectively you need an intuitive navigation structure including calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout each page that will encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters or contact forms so you can add them to your list of leads. Additionally, make sure all of your contact information is clearly visible on every page in case they just want to pick up the phone and call you directly!

2) Video Marketing

Video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools in any digital marketer's toolkit; according to HubSpot research , “Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it." So if you want to make an impact on potential customers online then videos should definitely be included in your digital strategy! Videos are great for sharing customer testimonials (which are highly persuasive!), providing demos of products or services offered by your company (this is especially useful for custom home build projects!), introducing new team members or partners (building trust), and showcasing unique features of homes built by your business (a no-brainer!). Just make sure all videos feature high quality visuals and audio that effectively convey the message intended.

3) Social Media Presence

It’s no secret that social media has become one of the most important ways businesses connect with their target audience online today; after all, there were over 4 billion active users on social media networks as of 2021 . However, don’t just post blindly - take some time to fully research which platforms your customers are using most often so you can create tailored content specifically for them. Utilize accounts like Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest , Houzz , YouTube , LinkedIn , Twitter , etc., depending on which ones are best suited for reaching out to design-build remodelers and custom home builders who may be interested in working with you. Make sure each post links back to either relevant content on your website or directly encourages people to fill out contact forms or sign up for newsletters as well as engage through comments/likes/shares/etc., as this will help spread awareness about your business even further!

4) Content Strategy

Content creation gives design-build remodelers and custom home builders excellent opportunities not only to showcase their skills but also attract interested customers organically through SEO efforts like blog posts and web pages . Include educational pieces such as how-to guides or “behind the scenes” looks at projects in progress so potential clients feel really connected with what’s going on behind closed doors when they hire someone like yourself! Additionally write helpful articles such as “tips & tricks from experienced designers/builders" or "things not everyone knows about custom builds/remodels" —anything related to what people might find helpful before starting their own project! This kind of informational content will also help establish yourself as an expert in the field which will help generate more trust among current/potential clients alike!

5) Budgeting & Tracking Performance

Last but certainly not least comes budgeting & tracking performance —two incredibly important aspects every successful digital strategist must master! Every dollar spent should have some sort of measurable goal associated with it; analytics tools like Google Analytics are incredibly useful here because they allow marketers like yourself to track success metrics such as website traffic levels , conversions rates , bounce rates , etc., which indicate exactly how effective certain campaigns have been at generating leads & sales. Having this data will then enable informed decision making when adjusting budgets accordingly down the line —because nobody wants wasted advertising dollars!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Plan

Now that we know exactly what components make up an effective marketing plan let's look at some common mistakes people tend to make when putting theirs together:

1) Not Doing Enough Research - Many people assume all markets are created equal but that couldn't be farther from the truth; researching target audiences beforehand is absolutely essential if any campaign is going to succeed! Knowing who one's trying to reach out too can save loads of time & money down the line by helping craft messages tailored specifically towards those individuals & ensuring campaigns don't miss their mark completely.

2) Not Setting Realistic Goals - An example could be setting goals too high without considering how much money & manpower required; setting unrealistic expectations will only lead disappointment if goals aren't reached & can possibly even damage credibility if promises made aren't kept resulting in empty pockets & frustrated employees! Take some time beforehand to figure out exactly what is achievable within reasonable ranges before getting started —it'll be worth the effort and eventually pay off tenfold afterwards!

3) Failing To Track Performance - Starting any campaign without tracking performance makes hard determining whether or not specific methods were actually successful difficult; analytics tools such Google Analytics provide invaluable insights into things like website traffic levels, conversions rates & bounce rates which all give indication whether not changes made lead desirable results being achieved not (i.e increased sales). Without tracking performance marketers lack tangible data needed to gauge success failure campaigns —without this information progress becomes impossible to measure accurately therefore making achieving desired outcomes unlikely attainable... Conclusion Creating an effective growth-focused digital strategy tailored towards design-build remodelers & custom home builders isn't easy but luckily Digital Favor here helps guide every step journey towards success! We hope article provided plenty useful insight into topics such establishing online presence through creating videos websites/social media accounts utilizing content creation tactics order gain visibility amongst target audiences wisely setting budgets according budgets available lastly avoiding common pitfalls ensure effectiveness campaigns launched checked off list things keep mind while developing yours next venture forward grow local business today tomorrow beyond! If you ever need extra assistance don't hesitate to reach us anytime by visiting our website

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