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What Success Looks Like For Remodeling Marketing

June 11, 20234 min read

What Success Looks Like For Remodeling Marketing

When it comes to marketing for your home remodeling and improvement business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many options for marketing, especially digital marketing. It can be hard to know where to start and which methods will be most effective. Never fear – you don’t have to go it alone! Digital Favor is here to help you navigate the world of digital marketing and build an online presence that will draw in more potential customers and help you grow your business.

So what does successful digital marketing look like for a remodeling business? Let’s break it down.

First and foremost, you need an online presence. That means having a website or a blog where people can find information about your services, check out pictures of past projects, read testimonials from happy customers, and learn more about your company. Your website should be mobile-friendly, since most people these days access websites from their phones or tablets. You can also use blogging as a way to share helpful content related to the remodeling industry, like design tips or advice on how to pick the right contractor for the job. This will give potential customers an idea of the kinds of services you provide and create trust between your business and them before they make a commitment.

Once you have your website ready to go, it’s time to focus on local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is important because when someone searches for “home remodelers near me,” you want your business name at the top of the list! To get there, you need to include keywords in your website content, claim your Google My Business profile (so that your business shows up on Google Maps), get some online reviews from past customers (which will boost your search engine rankings), and stay active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (more on that later).

Social media is essential for businesses these days – it gives you an opportunity to connect directly with potential customers in real time and show off all the great work that you do! You can post photos of ongoing projects, answer customer questions directly, highlight special offers or promotions, link back to helpful blog posts on your website…the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you’re engaging with customers regularly – no one likes talking to a ghost account!

Another great digital marketing tool is SMS messaging. This lets you send text messages directly to potential customers who have opted in to receive updates from your business. You can use this platform to announce sales or share information about upcoming projects or events related to your business. Plus, texting is much faster than emailing or even calling – so if you have time-sensitive news that needs immediate attention from potential clients, SMS messaging is a great way to quickly reach them.

Speaking of connecting with customers…it’s not just about acquiring new ones! You also need a strategy for retaining existing customers so they keep coming back for more work down the line. Developing relationships through direct contact (such as emailing updates on their most recent project) and sincere appreciation (like after-sale thank-you cards) can go a long way towards creating loyal long-term clients who will keep recommending your services! And don’t forget about online reviews – they can easily be the deciding factor between whether someone chooses your company over another when searching for local remodeling contractors. Encourage positive reviews by responding promptly and courteously when customers leave feedback – even if it’s negative – so others know they're taken seriously.

Finally, let’s talk about paid advertising via Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Using these platforms allows you target very specific audiences with tailored messaging – so only people interested in remodeling services in your area see your ads! These two platforms are great because they allow you track performance closely so that you can optimize campaigns as needed along the way; this ensures that more leads become paying customers! If you're feeling overwhelmed at any point during this process, Digital Favor has experienced professionals available who can guide you every step of the way; just give us a call at 541-255-9069 or visit our website at digitalfavorio!

Marketing a remodeling business doesn’t have to be intimidating - with some strategic planning and guidance from experts like Digital Favor, scaling up won't be out of reach any more! We hope this blog post gave some insight into how successful digital marketing looks like for remodeling businesses: from building an online presence through SEO optimization and blogging; utilizing social media channels; leveraging SMS messaging; fostering relationships with existing customers; encouraging positive online reviews; all the way through running Google Ads/Facebook Ads campaigns - we've got it covered! If there are any other questions we didn't answer here today - feel free to ask us anytime by giving us a call at 541-255-9069 or visiting our website at! Let's bring scale up success together today - contact Digital Favor now!

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