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Tips for marketing your Remodeling Company on TikTok

June 19, 20237 min read


TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms – especially among the younger generations. It’s not only a great way to connect with potential customers, but it’s also an incredible source for inspiration and trends. If you’re a remodeler or custom home builder, TikTok can be a great way to promote your services and gain followers who admire your work.

But before you get started, it helps to have some ideas about what type of videos to create. To help you out, we’ve gathered nine trending TikTok video ideas that are sure to help boost your reach and grow your business. So if you’re ready to up your game on this popular platform, read on!

Design Tips

One of the best ways to get noticed and attract more followers is by creating videos featuring design tips and tricks. You could share insider information on how to choose the perfect color palette, give advice on selecting the right materials for different projects, or demonstrate creative solutions for small spaces. Introducing followers to new concepts will help them see that they can trust you when it comes time for their own remodeling project.

Plus, if potential customers like what they see and are encouraged to take action after watching your video, that will boost their confidence in hiring you for their next job. Showing off your expertise is definitely a win-win situation!

Home Tours

We all know tours are a great way for real estate agents and interior designers to show off their work - why not use them for remodelers too? Home tours don't just have to feature newly renovated homes - they can also show off before and after transformations or highlight projects in progress. This gives viewers an inside look at exactly what goes into the process of remodeling a home (without necessarily having to hire someone).

Home tours also don't have to focus solely on newly remodeled homes or projects in progress - you could give viewers an insight into the preparation process too, such as organizing materials before a big job or inspecting an existing structure beforehand. Not only will this engage viewers, but it'll also establish credibility when they see the care being taken with each step of the job!

Insider Information

Everyone loves getting access to exclusive information - so why not give people behind-the-scenes looks at your processes? Share tutorials on how builders should approach certain tasks or reveal helpful hacks that save both time and money during projects. This type of content not only builds your authority as an expert in the industry but also engages viewers who are curious about how things work "behind closed doors". Plus, we guarantee these types of videos will easily go viral!

Additionally, insider information doesn't just have to focus on technical aspects; it could look at environmental impact too - such as sustainability tips when remodeling existing structures or understanding building codes from local governments. These types of videos showcase that you're aware of current issues facing construction workers while sparking conversation amongst your followers.

Hacks & Mistakes

Everybody loves learning from others' successes - but sometimes we learn more from our failures! Creating videos about hacks or mistakes you've encountered during renovation projects is an excellent way for viewers to learn without having to experience similar problems themselves. Talk about what didn't go so well, try troubleshooting common issues related to renovation projects, and explain what preventive measures can be taken against these errors. Not only does this generate engagement amongst viewers but it opens up conversations about topics they may never have considered otherwise!

You can even do “what NOT to do” videos - which point out common pitfalls contractors fall into when doing renovations (especially those working without necessary permits). That's great fodder for both engaging content as well as educational material! Just make sure that whatever videos you make include solutions for avoiding these mistakes in case others find themselves in similar situations down the line.

Before & Afters

People love transformation stories – and one of the best ways to illustrate changes is through before & after images/videos! Before & afters provide dramatic visuals that showcase progress made over time; this highlights not only skillful work but also helps homeowners visualize what their dream home could look like (more often than not). Viewers get inspired by seeing potential results before even beginning any sort of project – so why not give them something tangible they can work towards?

Additionally, before & afters don't just have to be limited strictly within houses either – outdoor improvements count too! Highlight any yard transformations you've done recently: perhaps sprucing up patios with landscaping features or fixing up gardens with new fencing & edging materials? All these elements showcase success stories – engaging people interested in making their outdoor spaces look better too!

Answers To Comments

When people comment on your posts asking questions about remodeling projects – answer them directly through video responses! People love hearing expert opinions firsthand; plus it adds additional value by providing personalized advice instead of generic answers from online resources (which tend not be applicable 100% of the time anyway). Not only does this build relationships between yourself and potential customers but it also establishes trust with existing ones by showing how much thought and consideration goes into each piece of advice given out!

Videos responding directly to comments is great material for followers because it speaks directly towards individual concerns without having generalities applied broadly across all cases - which makes engagement higher because everyone feels heard regardless if they're a potential customer or otherwise. Additionally, displaying real conversations between yourself and viewers helps humanize interactions; this adds another layer of connection between yourself & other users that encourages further dialogue beyond just short comments within posts itself !

Time Lapse Videos

We all know how long renovation jobs take – sometimes months depending on scale & scope involved in each task- so why not condense that timeline into short clips? Time lapse videos provide condensed visuals that show progress over time – helping interested parties trace back every single stage involved in renovating a property from start till finish (plus they're fun!) These types of videos help speed up narrative development within posts; keeping attention throughout the entire video length while still maintaining essential elements related to each topic discussed (notably end goal/ results achieved) !

Time lapses don't just have benefits related towards content themselves either; its shorter duration leads to higher completion rates meaning more views overall compared t0 longer clips traditionally used throughout feed It's no wonder these types of videos regularly gain traction amongst viewers looking for quick fixes within subjects covered throughout posts – meaning companies utilizing these techniques receive optimal returns when marketing their services through platforms like TikTok!

Industry Trends:

As previously mentioned trends play a major role within industry today– so why not keep followers updated? Give viewers insight into current market conditions impacting general operations , discuss policy changes affecting businesses , list top selling products / materials used most frequently within industry right now etc . These types 0f informational updates help show audiences current relevancy terms of staying ahead of the game ; plus it establishes awareness for companies taking initiative pertaining t0 changes made due t0 increasing demand !

Additionally industry trends could serve a broader purpose than just updating followers; it's allowing 0pportunity showcase research skills alongside data analysis opportunities publicizing unique insights contributed specifically by the company itself . By providing meaningful interpretations based upon facts collected , companies further establish credibility whilst widening knowledge base regarding subject matter at hand . This type of content builds trust relationships between the company itself alongside customers looking for relevant data pertaining to improving operations , thus generating engagement far beyond what would normally be expected through static updates . Conclusion

TikTok is an incredible platform where remodelers can promote their services while gaining more followers who appreciate their work along the way! We hope our nine trending TikTok video ideas gave everyone enough material for success on this popular app: design tips & tricks; home tours; insider information; hacks & mistakes; before & afters; answers to comments; time lapses; industry trends . Utilizing any combination of these techniques gives contractors the opportunity to share stories with specific niche communities whilst simultaneously honing craftsmanship skills associated with trade itself. If companies wish to increase presence within the market further, then Digital Favor happily assists bringing scale business ! Contact us today 541-255-9069 - let us help bring success closer than ever imagined!

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